Precautions for handling wet materials

Precautions for handling wet materials

Chloroprene rubber foam and other rubber foams
And instructions for handling composite materials that are laminated with jersey etc.
To protect the health and safety of workers and consumers, be sure to read the following instructions carefully before using.
[1] Chloroprene rubber foam and other rubber foams, and composite materials obtained by laminating them with jersey.
[2] The handling precautions for this product are as follows, and should be clearly presented to workers and consumers by warning signs and handling instructions.
* Please refer to the following contents for the consumer instruction manual.


 Danger This product may cause color transfer. Never contact it with other products. Do not put it inside a hot trunk, especially when it is wet. If it is unavoidable to store it, make sure that the light and dark colors of the jersey do not come into contact with each other to prevent color transfer.
 Danger This product is not suitable for the purpose of protecting the human body and articles. Although it floats in water, do not use it as a life preserver or buoyancy aid.
 Danger This product will burn. When burned, there is a risk of producing harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, chlorine compounds, soot, etc. When doing so, be very careful during the initial fire extinguishing, notify the fire department, and follow the instructions of the firefighter. No fire is allowed in or near the place of storage and use.


Health hazard of product material

 Warning If this product comes into direct contact with the skin, it may cause skin damage to people with an allergic constitution due to friction, static electricity, threads from rubber, compounds, nylon, polyester, etc., and threads from fiber materials. If any abnormality occurs, discontinue use, consult a doctor and follow the instructions.
 Warning May cause skin / respiratory disorders due to residual organic solvent. In case of any abnormality, discontinue use immediately, move to fresh air, consult a doctor and follow the instructions.
 Caution May cause stuffiness due to long-term use.


Regarding disposal

 Caution Dispose as industrial waste.
 Caution Do not incinerate.



 Caution There is a risk of discoloration due to sunlight, please avoid direct sunlight and store it in a well-ventilated place with no wrinkles or breaks.
 Caution Do not wipe the surface of rubber or jersey with solvent.
 Caution A combination of nylon and polyester will reduce color migration.
 Caution Do not wash with chlorine detergent or bleach.
 Caution As a washing method, wash with warm water and be sure to dry in the shade.
 Caution Do not use washing machine or dry cleaning.
 Caution Placing an object on top of this product may cause the air bubbles in the garment to collapse and not recover.