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Totas corporation contributes to the market as a company that specializes in fabrics and parts that are indispensable for wetsuit production.

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CR (Chloroprene)

Rubber for wet suits is the most stretched rubber, and chloroprene rubber (CR), which has high heat insulation, is used. (Although it is sometimes called neoprene, this name is a trade name and is officially chloroprene.)

We outsource the production to a domestic CR maker, which is said to be the highest quality in the world, and produce it with our exclusive original formulation to obtain the physical properties suitable for the application by application.
At this moment, only CR is a suitable rubber for this application, but in the future we are developing new materials to shift to more environmentally friendly materials.



The jersey attached to the surface of the CR sheet is made of synthetic fiber such as nylon or polyester, and is mainly made of stretchable knit knitting.
Many of these jerseys are outsourced to domestic jersey manufacturers, and many of them are designed exclusively for our company so that their physical properties are suitable for the application.

Also, with regard to jersey, the development of eco-friendly materials such as recycled materials and undyed materials have been promoted.



We’ve made a bond for cross-sectional adhesion between chloroprene rubbers, based on aqueous chloroprene liquid. In addition, this type does not require the addition of a hardening agent. Also, since the viscosity is very low, a sponge brush is recommended for the coating.


Quality management

We pride ourselves on the strictest quality standards in the industry.Every day we carefully inspect each and every material to ensure that all of our materials are of the highest quality.
Also, the sponge used for wet suits is soft when freshly made and sliced, however it gradually hardens as time goes by, causing shrinkage.
We judge and determine the change over time for each type and ship the products at the appropriate timing.


Stock management

Production control

We conduct raw material procurement taking into account sales analysis and seasonal fluctuations, and thoroughly manages production schedule to prevent delays in the delivery. The delivery rate has been maintained at over 99% * for the past several years.
In addition, when a quality problem occurs in the fabric, it is possible to track the components to investigate the cause. (Traceability)

*Our delivery rate is the ratio of products delivered according to the delivery date set for custom-made products, and does not apply to out-of-stock items.



Shopping site for B to B
For Domestic Only

Totas corporation has launched Totas Online, a shopping site that prevents errors in order details by telephone or fax and allows customers to easily place orders at any time.
This allows you to select the shipping date, specify the delivery destination, check the order amount and the order history *, and place your order with confidence.
In addition, it is possible to simulate the price and delivery date by combining the materials that our company has on your own choice.

* The order history retention period is 6 months.