Totas' wet suit material line up



Suits that insulate, drain, and are anti-bacterial!

Salat is the solution for cold, humid and smelly dry suits!
Salat, anti-bacterial, thermally insulated stretchable dry suits.

1)Thermally insulated and comfortably warm!

Salat is sewn with 2 types of special thread for a high degree of insulation.  One is kneaded with a powder that absorbs sunlight and the other has a hollow core.  Salat efficiently maintains a suits internal heat with these two double insulated threads.

2)Comfortably dry during use!

Salat's special processing quickly absorbs and scatters water on the surface.  Thereby always maintaining a comfortable dry environment with no dampness inside the suit.  The above image compares conventional commonly used material (black) with Salat's (red) absorbent/dispersion capability.

3)Even after use it's hygienic and comfortable!

The reason is that Salat is made with a special fiber that removes odors and absorbs in-valeric acid, hydrogen sulfide, acetic acid, and ammonia that cause unpleasant odors.  Therefore it controls the occurrence of unpleasant odors from feet and sweat.



Super expansive and contractive thermally insulated material [Air NESL]

Lightweight + Elastic

Air NESL material new generation wet suits to easily paddle over the waves.

Super NESL, even more evolved.   "Super tactile properties" and "unbelievable stretch" because it is weaved with a specially processed superfine hollow nylon fiber...and, with the highest hollow fiber blend rate and abundant amounts of air, successfully fuses lightness and thermal properties.  Air Nesl is the future generation super expansive and contractive thermally insulated material that blows the doors off the notion that up till now wet suits are "stiff and heavy".



Super elastic fast drying napping material [DRY MAX]

elastic + [fast drying]

For those particular about extreme dryness and stretch.

Super elastic fast drying napping material [DRY MAX] has Spandex rubber band material sewn in it to achieve a stretch not thought-of to be napping.  Additionally, the hollow thread used in the napping, has the ability to retain heat by incorporating air in between the fibers.  Based on its ability to disperse and absorb water, its comfortable as "Salat", and always feels nice because even the water sticking to the surface is instantly and finely dispersed.  Its an ideal material with "superb stretch" and "amazing quick-drying" characteristics so you don't feel you are wearing a suit.


Air Flame Mighty

Strongest domestic napping material [Air Flame Mighty]

elastic + [thermally insulated]

For the person who absolutely does not want to lose, this series comes with all the "warm", "dry", "stretch", and "lightweight" functionality.

Collecting the best materials currently available around Japan to make the strongest thermally insulated material.  First, moisture absorbing heat generating threads create heat from the energy of adsorbed water, then energy from absorbed sunlight (visible light) is converted into heat energy, and heat storing threads reflect the heat (far infrared radiation) from the body. Furthermore, the lightweight, highly thermally insulated hollow thread and elastic thread boasting high elasticity make it a perfect combination of Japanese made materials.  All of this makes "Air Flame Mighty" the strongest uncompromising napping.



Air Circle X

Extremely light weight napping material [Air Circle X]

Fast drying + [lightweight]

Amazingly lightweight, get the top of the wave you're aiming for. For those who want more than sporty movement...

A revolution in the common thinking that winter suits are heavy.  And, uses a low water retentive hollow core polyester thread that combines lightness and thermally insulating characteristics.  Characteristic dimple design exhibits the ability for an increased dry feeling and little contact with the skin.  Good wicking, fast drying Air Circle X overturns the notion for extremely light weight, fast drying napping material.



Super NESL

Ultimate stretch and feeling

You'll be astonished with a feeling never experienced before, the instant you put on the suit.  This exquisite feeling thanks to a special woven structure of high density micro fiber.  And one more surprising thing is its so soft and stretchable you'll forget you're wearing it.This is moderately loose evidence of the Spandex (rubber thread) material to kickback (the ability of stretched material to return to its original state). Worn, moved, comfortable, very light, extremely elastic super material.